K'Nex X-Battlers X-Trasher Building Set
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The X-Saw and X-TRasher are made for combat! Saw vs hammer, who wins?

Stimulate your kids' creativity and imagination with K'NEX! This construction toy allows children to learn and play at the same time. The K'NEX building system consists of colorful plastic rods and connectors that you can put together with a simple "click"! These parts can be combined to build vehicles, structures that really move, or anything your child can imagine! Included illustrated instruction booklets always contain building instructions/ideas to help aspiring engineers on the road to building beautiful creations. In addition, K'NEX promotes hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills and a child's sense of space. The toys are proudly made in the United States and tested to the strictest quality and safety standards, so your kids can play without worry. Get your child on the right track early on. Stimulate your children's creativity and development with K'NEX today!


Battle and defeat your opponent with the X-Battlers X-Thrasher Building Set from K’NEX! With 94 classic and micro K’NEX rods and connectors create a vehicle with forcful hammering action. Push the X-Thrasher towards you opponent to activate the hammer action. Use the included step-by-step, color-coded instructions to build your X-Battler. Have a friend or sibling? Make sure to get X-Saw Attacker for the ultimate battle royale! For a toy that is not only fun but educational, choose K’NEX X-Battlers X-Thrasher Building Set!


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